Behind the viz: Operation Fistula and #GivingTuesday

This week’s #MakeoverMonday viz was for #GivingTuesday and in support of Operation Fistula and the work they do to support surgeons providing surgeries for women. I decided to highlight the incredible impact that a successful surgery can have for a woman who is now able to get back to the life she wants to live in her community and world. My wife helped me brainstorm a few different metaphors and we settled on leaves on a tree representing life, growth, and rebirth.

The viz is made of a combination of hand-drawn elements, figma design, and Tableau. Anastasia–a connection on twitter–commented saying she would like to see a video about how the viz was made, so I did a quick walkthrough hitting the main pieces. It’s really quite straightforward, just a two-axis jitter with the marks shifted around a bit, hovered over the background image. Alright. Here it is, the video:

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