Scrollytelling with Tableau

“Scrollytelling” is a type of visual storytelling. In contrast to a dashboard or viz’s static screen, a scrolly-told story develops as the reader–you guessed it–scrolls down their screen. Scrollytelling has grown quite popular in the last few years, especially in online journalism. In fact, the Washington Post’s most read article of all time is aContinue reading “Scrollytelling with Tableau”

Make a button with a set and set action

It’s possible to swap buttons with a set and a set action by: Choosing a dimension with two members or filtering down to two members Creating a set with one of those members in the set Changing the mark type to shape Placing the set on columns Placing the dimension that is in the setContinue reading “Make a button with a set and set action”

Rounded-tip bar charts

A disclaimer: this is a very “low-tech” solution, and does not contain any fancy calculations. If someone else wants to take up the challenge of making true rounded-tip bar charts, let me know! It is necessary to state up front these are NOT “rounded bar charts.” These are “rounded-TIP bar charts.” There is a significantContinue reading “Rounded-tip bar charts”

What is Seasonal Adjustment? Part 1

In this week’s #MakeoverMonday challenge, we were presented with a data set from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS). In both the Makeover Monday’s and ONS’s data set pages, there is very little description other than the data set’s title, “UK visits abroad: All visits Thousands-SA.” It is extremely important to note that theContinue reading “What is Seasonal Adjustment? Part 1”

Custom Dimensional Slope Chart

In this post, I’ll be presenting the slope chart (or slope graph), showing some examples of how it can be presented, and proposing a unique way of splitting the chart across dimensions of your own choosing. What is a slope chart and when should I use one? A slope chart is a good option whenContinue reading “Custom Dimensional Slope Chart”

Turn Labels On and Off

Overview You can give the user the power to turn labels on and off by making use of a sheet-swapping parameter. The sheet-swapping parameter technique has been around since at least 2015 and has since been improved upon with the show/hide icon functionality (Ryan Sleeper) and parameter actions (Keith Dykstra). The following simply uses theContinue reading “Turn Labels On and Off”

Filter alternative

Overview Instead of using Tableau’s standard filter to filter a dimension in a view, you can create a filter from a separate worksheet that displays the members of the dimension as a list. In certain use cases I find this option to be far more powerful than using the standard filter. Specifically, this filter alternative:Continue reading “Filter alternative”

Making a ‘Thankful’ Viz

Visit the viz on Tableau Public. Recently I’ve been trying to purposefully think more about the things I am thankful for and adopting a posture of gratitude. There are a lot of little ways to remind yourself to be thankful. Some people journal them when they wake up. Some post little notes on the mirrorContinue reading “Making a ‘Thankful’ Viz”

“Small-Multiples/Callout” Viz

Overview When each little chart within your small multiples chart (aka trellis, aka tile chart) contains too much detail to be fully absorbed from a distance, it can be helpful to incorporate a “Callout” view into your viz. The Issue Most small multiple charts I’ve seen contain the labels right in each little chart. ThisContinue reading ““Small-Multiples/Callout” Viz”

Dynamic Borders

During a recent #MakeoverMonday challenge, I thought about the idea of using a view of the data in the title somehow, purely as a design element. There are many ways this could be done, and any number of chart types could work, depending on how you want it to look. I got the idea becauseContinue reading “Dynamic Borders”