Data Analysis Documentation Tool

This tool is meant to help you organize and document an analysis project and increase the chances of a project’s success. Taking you through a project life-cycle from asking business questions to presenting insights, the tool covers the major stages of any analysis project from a high-level, repeatable, comprehensive process. I based the tool conceptuallyContinue reading “Data Analysis Documentation Tool”

How to make a Calendar Timeline in Tableau

There are many unique ways to make timelines using Tableau. There’s: the classic the curvy the scrolling lollipops gantt charts vertical timelines classic timelines half-circle or bubbly timelines stacked bars and bump charts There’s all kinds of calendars too: as squares gantts single months Planners and other planners Using parameters and more parameters and withContinue reading “How to make a Calendar Timeline in Tableau”

Making a directory with table pagination

Mark Bradbourne’s Real World Fake Data (#RWFD) initiative inspired me this week to try and make a directory from the Human Resources (HR) data set. I knew I would need some kind of pagination, so I ventured out into the interwebs for a look. Luke Stanke’s imaginative post popped up and I set to workContinue reading “Making a directory with table pagination”

Holiday lights display guide map

A couple weeks ago when looking for data on holiday light displays, I came across a website that showed a list of different houses and locations in Minnesota that were displaying lights this holiday season. The website had a little map made with batchgeo, showing the locations of displays as well as a table view:Continue reading “Holiday lights display guide map”

Behind the viz: Sketching pay inequality

This was an idea I had for the #MakeoverMonday week 37 topic, but didn’t have the tools to make. Having recently got an apple pencil, I decided to revisit this week’s topic and see if I could put the idea to, well, e-paper. The data set comes from the School Workforce Census conducted by theContinue reading “Behind the viz: Sketching pay inequality”

Dynamic Fields in a Tooltip

When you have measures or dimensions that are only applicable to some of the marks in your view, you can use a simple calculation to–in effect–make multiple different tooltips with each being relevant to their respective marks. Let’s dig in to an example. In my example, I have a scatterplot with each mark having anContinue reading “Dynamic Fields in a Tooltip”

Refer to different sheets in a tooltip

[Edit: The following sadly only works in Desktop and will not work once published to Server, Online, nor Public. Thanks to Ken Flerlage for pointing this out.] It is possible to show different sheets in a tooltip depending on which mark you hover over. The trick is to use the Tableau code generated from insertingContinue reading “Refer to different sheets in a tooltip”

Behind the viz: Operation Fistula and #GivingTuesday

This week’s #MakeoverMonday viz was for #GivingTuesday and in support of Operation Fistula and the work they do to support surgeons providing surgeries for women. I decided to highlight the incredible impact that a successful surgery can have for a woman who is now able to get back to the life she wants to liveContinue reading “Behind the viz: Operation Fistula and #GivingTuesday”

Figma Fonts: Collection B

For anyone who also has spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for fun fonts in Figma and wants to cut the line next time, here’s a curated list of silly fonts: You can see a list of more “normal” fonts here, in Collection A.

Figma Fonts: Collection A

The design tool Figma comes with several hundred fonts to choose from. However, there currently isn’t a way to preview the font in the drop-down list. Over time I’ve looked through the list, and I’ve picked out a number that I like. If you see something here you like, just type in its name inContinue reading “Figma Fonts: Collection A”