Making a directory with table pagination

Mark Bradbourne’s Real World Fake Data (#RWFD) initiative inspired me this week to try and make a directory from the Human Resources (HR) data set.

I knew I would need some kind of pagination, so I ventured out into the interwebs for a look. Luke Stanke’s imaginative post popped up and I set to work deciphering the calculations. There are many neat tricks in there, and I encourage you to read it in full. (It includes a simple way to auto deselect, which I will most definitely be making use of again.)

My simple version applies the concepts I picked up there. It allows the user to do a wildcard search, page through the entries, and jump to the first and the last instance matching the wildcard filter.

In this video, I deconstruct the viz and show the calculations and actions I used to bring it all together. You can check out the viz here, and download it there as well to follow along.

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